About Us

Our Mission

Gen Pack Assembly Services Inc. is committed to its customers by provided them with the highest quality in electronics manufacturing services on time and at a competitive cost.

Founded in 1995

Strategically located in Southern Ontario,
Gen Pack Assembly Services Inc. has continued to service the North American market and beyond with a multitude of services. Founded in 1995, Gen Pack is a 100% family-owned Canadian company, specializing in Electronics Manufacturing & Assembly Services.

Proudly ISO 9001:2015 registered, Gen Pack has prided itself in providing our customers with the utmost quality and satisfaction for over 25 years.

Our Values

Operational Excellence

Exceptional Commitment

Customer Satisfaction

Embrace Innovation

Optimize & Simplify


Why Choose Gen Pack

25+ Years Experience

Gen Pack has continued to meet customer requirements and exceed expectations, at a competitive cost.

Newest Technology

Continued investment in the newest technology & facilities brings greater advantage in providing the most advanced capabilities to our customers.

Quality Guarantee

Gen Pack Assembly Services Inc. operates under ISO 9001:2015 standards, maintaining IPC Class 2 & Class 3 quality certifications.